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Original artwork for sale and commission price list. Prints of the originals are available, cost dependent on the size. For an A3 paper print £25, A3 canvas £35.

Please contact me via email, or telephone, 07731 448 026 or 01920 823 483 to have a chat about ideas and what is wanted.

My commission price list is a guide, a price will be agreed when we decide on the art.

Air Spirit,

Acrylic and Gouache A3

Inspired by a painting done for an FX Magazine. This is the Air element for the set.

Framed Canvas Price £195.00

Mask flowers,

Acrylic and Gouache A3

A different version of a Valentines mask. Instead of the characteristic cupid mask. This is flowers painted in the shape of a decorative eye mask.

Framed Price £125.00

St Albans Abbey,

Painted in the style of Esher so as to paint as much of the intricate archways and ceilings as possible.

Framed original is just over A0 size and painted on wall paper.

Price £850.00

Fire Spirit,

Acrylic and Gouache A3

The fire element to this set. To illustrate the distructive yet visually beautiful power of fire.

Framed Canvas Price £250.00


Acrylic and Gouache A3

Illustrating merged symptoms of synesthetics. Which is the merging of some of the senses. This shows the merging of taste and sound. When the synesthetic hears the notes from the violin they also taste red wine.

Framed Price £150.00


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