Catherine Durden has been interested in art from a young age. She took this interest further in a BA Illustration course at the University of Central Lancashire. She worked with a very wide variety of media, ranging from silk screen printing to sculpture and pastel drawings.

Catherine now works mainly with acrylics and gouache on paper or canvas. She has been commissioned to do a number of pet and family portraits and is also diversifying into unique and creative cards (see the Christmas card range, which will be uploaded in the future).

"I like to merge fantasy with life. I am interested in depicting hidden meanings and symbolism in my imaginative pictures. As a result the artwork is interpreted differently by each person.

My work varies from macabre illusions to affectionate and lifelike animal portraits."

Phone:07731 448 026

(Above) Fire Spirit

Gouache and acrylic on stretched canvas A3

This painting depicts how fire is destructive yet beautiful.

Ronnie (SOLD)

Watercolour on stretched canvas 90 x 90 cm

A commissioned piece of a Schnauzer using photographs.

Sea Spirit (SOLD)

Gouache and acrylic on paper A3

Originally painted for an FX Magazine cover competition

Brook (SOLD)

Watercolour on paper A3

Commissioned piece of a Jack Russell using photographs.


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